My Story

My name is Christian Hammer, I was born in October of ’79. I grew up learning how to draw houses, trees, cowboys and knights from my great-grandfather shortly after. I later on used these skills trying to copy the cover artworks of early Iron Maiden records. In school I used to publish comics with stories about my teachers and classmates in very limited editions. It was about the same time that I realized  I wanted to make a living in the field of graphic design.

After graduating from FOS Augsburg with subject Design I went on studying Information Design at SfG Ravensburg where I got my diploma degree in summer of the year 2006. I worked for 6 months at Shirtcity in Ulm making all kinds of awesome shirt designs all day before getting hired by the great people of hydra newmedia in Stuttgart where I worked as a graphic designer with a strong focus on screen-and interface design for about 6 years. After a brief time at Cosmoto I started my own thing – Echo & Flut – together with my business partner and former professor Marzell where I’m now operating as Art Director.

 My Skills

I have a big thing for typography, illustration and everything animated. I tend to say that I know Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign like the back of my hand, but I’m also very comfortable using After Effects and Premiere Pro. I know my way through Cinema 4D and the words “exposure” and “shutter speed” don’t scare me one bit.

I’ve got a strong background in skatebording and music. Those are the things that keep me going and still inspire me the most.

Christian Hammer

Christian Hammer

Dipl. Graphic Designer